How To Make A Good Trade Show Presentation – Three Tips You Need To Know

Making a trade show presentation can be intimidating, particularly if you’re presenting to a room full of industry insiders at a convention rather than speaking with visitors at your trade show booth. Whatever your situation, these tips will help you speak successfully and impress anyone who hears you.

Know Your Company, Your Product, And Your Trade Show Booth

This tip seems like common sense, but knowing your facts becomes more difficult when you are under pressure. Discussing your product with someone at a convention is nothing like making a sales pitch in a regular retail store. You need to know everything completely, and be prepared to answer a wide variety of questions. Plus, you’ll need to handle distractions without becoming disoriented or distracted yourself. You will make your trade show presentation against a backdrop of noise and the speeches of others if you are presenting on the convention floor. These noises are incredibly distracting for you and your audience, so you need to be more focused, confident, and knowledgeable to compensate.

If you have the honor of presenting in a closed room, you have almost certainly earned your right to be there because you’ve been judged as a good speaker. People will come specifically to hear what you have to say. That’s a lot of pressure, even for someone who is a naturally good speaker. Ensure that you know your facts, or the stress may drive them right from your mind.

Practice Your Trade Show Presentation Beforehand

Although many gifted and seasoned presenters can give a spontaneous speech just moments after stepping into the booth, the rest of us benefit from a whole lot of practice. If you expect to be interacting with customers, see if you can get friends and family to act as visitors to the trade show booth. Have them ask you probing questions, and ensure that you can answer everything quickly, effectively, and in a way that is favorable to your company. Try to replicate the convention atmosphere if you can: turn on loud music or have the conversation in a public place if possible.

When you are presenting to a larger audience, the stakes go up. Luckily, it’s also easier to practice. You can write almost your entire presentation ahead of time, allowing you to practice it in full. See whether the convention center will allow you to practice in the room you’ll ultimately use.

Speak Up And Be Confident

If you know what you’re talking about, and you’ve rehearsed what you’re saying, there is no reason to be shy or meek when giving your presentation. You have every right to be confident. And when you are confident, more people will listen to you, and you’ll appear more trustworthy. With solid knowledge, lots of practice, and healthy confidence, you’ll wow the crowd at any convention. You’ll promote your business, develop your reputation as a good speaker, and help turn leads into customers.