Visualisers for Schools For a More Clear and Perfect Presentation

The human mind has always been craving for advancements especially in the ICT industry. This created a great demand of various A/V solutions that have been of great help to the corporate as well as the education sector. Visualisers are one of the examples of such devices. These devices are demanded in the educational sector for providing high-end education experience to the learners and students with utmost perfection.

Visualisersare devices that display objects, documents, books, photos and allied items to a large number of people or audience simultaneously. To facilitate the same, these visual presenters magnify and project the image or data. Also known as document camera, these are made employing latest technology & advanced components and are hence highly effective ICT solutions. Apart from being a perfect option for high resolution output signals, these devices can be easily paired with various equipments for the desired presentation and demonstration. Visualisers cater to the various needs in the educational sector and thus ease the work of the teachers. These products are highly acclaimed in the market for their below listed attributes:

  • Clear picture quality
  • Lightweight
  • High resolution
  • User-friendly
  • Easy operation
  • Tough design

There are different models of Visualisers available in the market with much invention still carried on by different companies to add on more advanced versions. The most commonly available three models are:

  • Portable: Suitable for multiple locations, these models do not require pre- installation. Apart from this, these are smaller in size and lightweight thereby can be carried to places easily.

  • Desktop: These are larger in size from the portable ones and more stable. Further, their perfect design and easy operation makes these highly demanded in the market.

  • Ceiling: Large objects can be displayed using ceiling visualisers. These models are often used to support videoconferencing or telepresence systems thereby enhance the experience for participants. These can be easily ceiling mounted above a podium or tabletop.

Visualisers are made integrating various primary components. The quality of the image captured and its output depends on these components. The components are as follows:

  • Optics
  • Camera
  • Lighting system
  • Motherboard (with appropriate software)

Suitable for various presentations, Visualisers are demanded for various applications in the market. Some of them are listed below:

  • Lecture hall or classroom
  • Presentation of evidence in courtrooms
  • Medical applications (telemedicine, telepathology, display of x-rays)
  • Conferences
  • Meetings
  • Education & training
  • Video-conferencing

Technical specifications:

  • Camera rotation
  • Negative/positive conversion
  • Black/white & color selection
  • Image freeze, split & title
  • SD Slot & built-in memory
  • Save & recall image